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Symposium Nursing Data 2023 (June 28, 2023 Lucerne)

Please be aware that this was created with preliminary data.

19th European Doctoral Day in Nursing Science (September 09 – 10, 2022 Bern)

Abstract published in HeilberufeScience 2022 (Poster presentation 2.4)

Eggenschwiler, L.C., Smith, V., Moffa, G., Simon, M., Maternal and neonatal salutogenic outcomes in association with midwifery staffing – a causal inference framework (MaNtiS). In. The 19th European Doctoral Conference Nursing Science – EDCNS. HBScience 13 (Suppl 1), 1–25 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s16024-022-00377-z


Conference Swiss midwifery leaders and midwifery experts (November 16, 2023, Olten)

Talk: Midwifery staffing – challenges and solutions

In the presentation, Luisa Eggenschwiler and Livia Ramseier gave an overview of possible instruments for structural and operational personnel planning.

Swiss midwifery conference 2023 (May 24 – 25, 2023, Fribourg)

Talk: Midwifery staffing – when demand exceeds supply

“We need to find creative solutions for midwifery staffing to reduce peak workload. With improved staffing we can improve working conditions and job satisfaction.”

Podcast episode – Herztöne

Episode 31: Luisa Eggenschwiler

“Es ist sehr wichtig, dass Hebammen forschen.”

“It is very important that midwives conduct research.”

5. Scientific conference by LEP AG (September 13, 2022 Hall in Tyrol)