A Research Project of the Institute of Nursing Science · University of Basel

About the MaNtiS Study


The MaNtiS study aims to investigate the causal effect of midwifery and nurse staffing levels on salutogenic maternal and neonatal outcomes.

The MaNtiS study plans to provide robust evidence about the consequences of staffing on birth giving parents and newborns. Findings will offer clinical practice a perspective to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes by promoting physiologic processes by improving midwifery and nurse staffing.

To support decision making regarding appropriate midwifery and nurse staff planning stronger empirical data is required. An opportunity to infer convincing cause and effect relationships from observational data is provided by causal inference methods.


The Research Project

The MaNtiS research project is scheduled to run for a period of four years (Feb 2021 – Dec 2024) and will analyze the university hospital data from the years 2019-2022. The study contains four main areas of interest.

  1. Definition of salutogenic maternal and neonatal outcomes and their causal mechanisms with staffing.
  2. Midwifery and nurse staffing patterns in a university hospital’s maternity care units.
  3. Measurement of salutogenic outcomes in a university hospital.
  4. Causal effect of staffing levels on maternal and neonatal salutogenic outcomes.


The MaNtiS study is funded by: